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The new high performance wash and wear silk fabrics and industrialization
The main contents include: research pla fiber and high count wool and other functional fiber moisture absorption , resilience , performance and drape of the fabric wash and wear performance impact , choose the right yarn materials ; research silk , pla corn fiber, high count wool yarn and other functional fibers twist , blending ratio on fabric elasticity , wrinkle performance ; using advanced digital jacquard fabric design cad / cam weaving technology, research and pla filament silk , wool and other high-count function dobby woven fiber products appropriate design , production technology and process control.
The main technical indicators:
1 dry fabric elastic recovery angle ≥ 300 degrees ; wet elastic recovery ≥ 200 degrees this week ;
2 washed appearance ≥ 4 , shrinkage ≤ 2%;
3 sunshine color fastness ≥ 3 , wash fastness ( staining ) ≥ 3 ;
4 new products gloss , drape, softness handle , breathable moisture and other performance indicators remain true silk or exceed the original performance .
Design and development of new products and strive to use the raw materials , changes in the organizational structure and color co-ordination of innovation , not only to keep the silk fabrics soft , smooth, elegant , such as excellent performance , innovation on changes in the organizational structure and color of the tie , in the visual expression of more abundant and diverse , through high count wool , polylactic acid filament fibers and other functional fibers and other fibers blended with Tibetan silk , woven , composite , etc., play a variety of fiber to their strengths , learn from each other and overcome silk weaknesses of the original product , by changing the use of fibers and yarns , increased color flower varieties, improved feel and performance , expanding the scope of silk , and can further reduce production costs, improve product competitiveness.

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